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About TLT21

Daniel Jarjoura

Hi 👋 My name is Daniel Jarjoura​

And I'm a software engineer. Over the past fifteen years, I've managed technology and product teams, sold multi-million software solutions, consulted to big corporations, started companies, helped founders raise venture capital and trained hundreds of technology professionals 😅

As a software engineer, I've struggled to acquire management, product, sales or consulting skills, mainly because of the lack of content tailored for engineers and technology organisations. That is why I decided to launch TLT21.

TLT21 is the technology leadership learning platform

The goal of TLT21 is to be a one-stop for software engineers who want to grow their leadership skills, move into engineering management or embrace product, sales and consulting careers.

The TLT21 platform has a free section and a premium section. The free section is the tech leadership newsletter, currently read by 600+ leaders, a weekly essay or video where I summarise one technology leadership topic and share the essential related reads.

The premium section contains all my online courses (plus two new courses added every month) and exclusive content. Premium Members also get access to a private forum, monthly Q&As with me and invite-only live briefing calls with prominent tech leaders.