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Announcing TLT21 v2.0

TLT21 v2.0 is now live!

Daniel Jarjoura

One year ago, almost to the day, I was exploring several startup ideas following the discontinuation of my former business. Since many of these ideas revolved around training software engineers on programming skills, I started calling many tech CEOs and CTOs in my network to assess their current pains in this area.

To my surprise, none of them was interested in training their engineers on new technical skills. Engineers were hired based on these skills and, anyway, the company's stack was not going to change anytime soon. The challenge these C-levels faced though, was to help their engineers acquire people, project and product management skills.

Skills beyond programming

While demand for software engineers has never been so high, so is the number of software engineers who no longer want to program. I know, I know, quitting programming for a software engineer is like moving to the dark side of the force. Since I went through all these transitions myself (with the addition of starting companies and consulting to big corporations), I can testify that knowing the nuts and bolts of programming have tremendously helped me succeed in all my roles.

Whether they move to engineering management, product management or even sales, software engineers who can leverage their deep technical background can better understand what is going on under the hood, and explain it to customers, business stakeholders, and peers. Moreover, even if they want to remain in a technical career track, software engineers who master people, project and product management skills are more successful and dramatically improve their team's performance.

The technology leadership learning platform

So, one year ago, almost to the day, I started organising workshops to train software engineers on people, project and product management skills. I didn't have to think long about the content, since I've been mostly reading about these topics for the past fifteen years, both for my use as well as for courses taught at EPITA school of engineering.

I also started writing weekly essays summarising the best technology leadership ideas, methodologies and frameworks out there, and sharing them with friends and professional relations. You are now several hundred to read these essays every week.

I didn't realise it at the time, but I was laying the foundation for what TLT21 would end up becoming: a technology leadership learning platform. Instead of distilling my knowledge, one workshop at a time, why not share it all at once! Think of it as a guided tour of my technology leadership library.

TLT21 premium section

Starting today, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to TLT21 premium membership (or offer it to your team). Apart from the weekly essays which will remain free, premium members will get:

  • Unlimited access to ALL my online courses, with two new online courses, added every month
  • Private forum and networking opportunities
  • Monthly Q&As
  • Invite-only live briefing calls with prominent tech leaders

Of course, I will still be offering executive programs for companies who want to upskill their software engineers, as well as coaching for technology leaders. I am even working on two new programs: Product Management for Software Engineers and Sales for Software Engineers.

I hope you will like this new version of TLT21 and I'd be happy to show more if you're interested.