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Digital Coaching for Engineering Leaders

Daniel Jarjoura

The technology industry is currently experiencing a historic pace of growth and, to sustain this growth, software organisations need leaders that truly know the nuts and bolts of programming.

But, especially when going through hyper-growth, engineering leaders constantly face new management challenges: keeping up with the hiring pace, improving performance, managing conflicts with product and business teams, having tough conversations, making sure everyone is happy and productive...

The TLT21 coaching process has been specifically designed for leaders with an engineering background using:

  • The scientific method to help leaders find goals and solutions (formulating hypothesis, experimenting solutions and iterating)
  • The GROW model to follow up on objectives
  • Science-backed content

TLT21 Coaching is for technology organisations looking to maximise their engineering leaders' impact

The coaching starts with an individual assessment and the setup of quantitative goals for the engagement (3 months minimum). Goals are reviewed at the beginning of each session and leaders get access to tools, frameworks and online courses to help overcome their various challenges.

Hi 👋 My name is Daniel Jarjoura​

And I'm a software engineer. Over the past fifteen years, I've managed technology and product teams, sold multi-million software solutions, consulted to big corporations, started companies, helped founders raise venture capital and trained hundreds of technology professionals. Read more about me and TLT21 here.

They've already trusted me

What they say about TLT21 coaching

Marcel Vienny - Engineering Manager at Eventbrite
The coach offers a very human approach with a deep understanding for theparticularities of IT teams. His useful hints help me become a more skilfulmanager
Ismaël Hery - Co-founder and CTO at AmazingContent
We have clearly achieved structuring milestones in our entrepreneurial venturethanks to Daniel’s support. He constantly pushes us to go faster and strongerthrough his questions and his hyper effective maieutics

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